Client Case Study:

Sydney Underground Film Festival

Sydney Underground Film Festival

Since 2010, Kabuku PR has been the ongoing publicity partner for Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF), a festival dedicated to promoting alternative and underground film, and nurturing young filmmaking talent.

The SUFF audience are drawn to the Festival for its willingness to screen films outside the norm and push the boundaries with content. They are not avid consumers of mainstream media, preferring to receive their news from independent media sources and social media.

Kabuku PR devises strategies to target these audiences, and gain media attention by stirring up controversy. We generate news around the content of the festival and pique interest in its alternative, indie-film going audience.

The SUFF team have seen a large increase in audiences year-on-year, as well as extensive media coverage both nationally and internationally for the Festival.

Kabuku PR always delivers above and beyond our pre-strategised goals. Belinda’s passion, dedication and industry experience have given the festival the confidence to pursue high profile films, with assurance that they will receive the appropriate publicity to reach their intended audience. Kabuku PR are highly professional at all times and we always feel like a priority. We look forward to working with Kabuku PR again in the future.

Stefan Popescu, Director,
Sydney Underground Film Festival